Mobile games

Games for Android and Windows Phone platforms!

Danceman for Android

Crazy game for EVERYONE! Simply smash creatures called Stinki. They always come with "please hit me know attitude", so don't worry about them! If you are a fan of Guitar Hero then you shouldn't miss this Danceman. It is a bit like Guitar Hero - just more funny and much more crazy! Click for details!

Cyclops BallZ for Windows Phone

Unceasingly, in different corners of the universe competition between characters eager for wealth, fame and glory is taking place. Move to one of the battle arenas and stand eye-to-eye with your rival, who will not give up a single point!. Click for details!

On-line Games

Games that do not require installation - just enter the page and play!

Furry thing!

This is our first on-line game. Test and improve your memory! Click for details!